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2mm Scale Standard gauge
About RT Models
4mm Scale Narrow gauge
RT Models was set up at the end of 2009 to produce scale model railway kits and detailing parts ranging from unusual industrial prototypes to popular express locomotives.

The range features kits from other manufacturers former ranges with Bal Models 4mm scale 009 gauge narrow gauge wagon kits, Clarke kits industrial 4mm scale 00/EM/P4 steelworks wagon kits/accessories and the Late Albert Goodall range of 4mm scale 00/EM/P4 Bulleid pacific detailing parts.

The range is constantly added to which all this is done around my full time job.

Most of the range is produced in whitemetal. Where appropiate, the use of Resin, etched nickel silver and brass sheet are also used as well as lost wax brass castings.
4mm Scale Standard gauge
4mm Scale Accessories
7mm Scale Narrow gauge
7mm Scale Standard gauge
Some examples of my instructions are available alongside the appropriate kit in PDF file format.
You can download Adobe reader from their website if you don't have this on your computor in order to view PDF format files.
7mm Scale Accessories
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