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2mm Scale Standard gauge
4mm Scale Narrow gauge
Hello everyone,

with everything going on in the world at the moment, RT Models is still operating as usual.

However though, some of our suppliers are working hard or have temporily closed down meaning delays or not able to restock on some of my parts and kits.

I will do my best to keep stock levels updated where there is limited or zero quantities but with such a vast range its not always possible to keep on top easily.

I cannot say when items will be back in stock so please do not purchase them if it says out of stock.

I am limiting going to the post office once a week where possible but going to the post box a few times a week if the items can be posted that way.
4mm Scale Standard gauge
4mm Scale Accessories
7mm Scale Narrow gauge
7mm Scale Standard gauge
7mm Scale Accessories
Welcome back to RT MODELS.

As some of you know, I took a break for about a month and a half due to needing a break from the pressures of work and I needed a bit of me time.

During the break, some thought has gone into how to run RT MODELS better, unfortunately due to my full time job its not always possible to get orders out instantly or to the timescale I would like but i'm hoping to manage my time better.

The time has been used to hopefully improve things, the website has been tweaked.

I havnt redesigned it as I don't think theres a need to plus it would take a long time to completetly redo.

The bus logo has been dropped for a RT/RM AEC bus badge instead, partly to do with visitors at exhibitions where they walk past and skip on by from seeing the RT bus logo, thinking its just to do with bus models when there is not a single road vehicle part in the range!

The rendition of the lettering looks better along with with coloured headers.

I have designed for the Albert Goodall range its own logo also and has a green background with a yellow stripe, just like a Battle Of Britain. I would like to think Albert and Shirley would approve of this.

I will be attending more exhibitions from now on, as you may know I only did one exhibition in 2018. Again partly with needing a break as well as work taking up my weekends.

The time has been taken to develop new kits and parts which you will see on here and the forums soon, many of these are long promised kits so taking the time off has given me the time to produce them for you.

Heres to 2019.
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