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Welcome to RT MODELS
2mm Scale Standard gauge
Model railway detailing parts and kits to suit different scales and gauges.
The range varies from Standard to Narrow gauges, Industrial to Mainline railways.
4mm Scale Narrow gauge
4mm Scale Standard gauge
4mm Scale Accessories
7mm Scale Narrow gauge
7mm Scale Standard gauge
7mm Scale Accessories
Please note due to my full time job, on the odd occasion orders can be delayed for up to 28 days or on the rare occasion, sometimes longer which I apologise for.

I do try my best to complete orders as soon as I can.
It is not possible to give any delivery dates due to the nature of my full time job.

Even with the current pandemic of Covid 19, I am still out working as normal as I am a key worker.
Many of my suppliers/manufacturers had closed meaning there is a backlog to replenish stock.
I will do my best to keep stock levels updated on the website when I get time to.

Please bear with me and not to email asking when to expect an order as, just like before my days change minute by minute throughout the day.
Just do your bit to help reduce the spread the virus, use the free time to catch up on house chores and of course, modelling.

Keep safe and well.
Europe postage, 2.50 extra
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